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For over 35 years, SO Accurate has been a leading full-service refiner of gold, silver, platinum palladium, and other precious metals

We offer the most advanced techniques for maximum recovery and fast turnaround on your precious metal lots.  Through the years of service to the precious metal industry we have earned a flawless reputation for integrity, discretion, and professionalism.

Our skilled technician use advanced refining procedures to recover every last grain of precious metal from shipment.  All procedures are performed on-premises, and when requested, right before your eyes.  We understand settlement times are critical, and our accelerated turnaround time provides our customers with superior cash-flow liquidity.

There are many advantages your company will enjoy when you switch to SO Accurate Group, Inc.  We offer immediate, secure and insured pick up and will also provide transportation for your representative to witness your lot being refined from our comfortable customer lounges.

SO Accurate is dedicated to the pawn Brokers, Gold Buyers and Jewelry Trade.  We tailor our refining process to fit the unique contents of every single shipment.

Some advantages of working with SO Accurate include:

  • Immediate Secure Pick Up Service
  • Representation Lounges at both of our New York locations
  • Full environmental certification right in New York City
  • Refining process tailored to fit the unique contents of every single lot
  • Specialized in jewelry manufacturing, pawn brokers and gold buyers
  • By keeping your refining business in the New York Metro Area, you help keep New York’s economy strong

Our stone recovery process, or “Stone Extractions Refining” has become well known in the industry.  With customer dedication in mind we have built one of the largest processing facilities in North America.  Our stone recovery process reclaims all your diamonds and precious or semi-precious stones, and they are returned in clean and pristine condition.  We can return your stones and settle your lots in as little as 24 hours after processing begins.

We at SO Accurate look forward to meeting all your refining needs.

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