In Memoriam: Jason Weinger – Pawnbroker & Friend

Jason Wienger

The past year has been one wrought with unexpected and unparalleled tragedy as COVID-19 afflicted millions and took the lives of nearly 2.5 million people worldwide and counting.  The Collateral Loanbrokers Association of New York experienced a terrible loss early in the pandemic when pawnbroker advocate, longtime member, and Treasurer, Jason Weinger caught the virus and succumbed to it in a short time.  Jason was a friend to all pawnbrokers in New York and extended his network to pawnbrokers beyond our state boarders and participated in the National Pawnbrokers Association’s annual expo as well as legislative conference, in an effort to learn more about the industry he served so diligently and to share his experience with those that would listen. 

Jason took the term family business to heart.  As part of a multi-generation family that embraced the pawn industry, Jason worked tirelessly to promote a positive image for the family’s store and build a sustainable and successful business while providing for his beloved wife and three children.  In the year prior to his tragic passing, he had built a beautiful new store, helping to turn the page of the industry’s dirty past and shedding a glorious new light on the world’s oldest industry.  Professionally, as a pawnbroker he continued to support his community, but personally he continued to give back as he served as a volunteer fireman for over 40 years.  


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